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Top 10 Memories of 2018 at NPH Bolivia
Jan. 7
Last year was full of laughter and accomplishments at NPH Bolivia. Here are some of our favorite moments.
A Big Birthday Weekend
Sep. 21
Birthdays plus adventure!
Winter Vacation Time – Play time!
Aug. 14
This year, our children had two weeks full of joy and fun thanks to a volunteer group of Spaniards, who did sports and other activities with them.
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NPH Community Scholarship Program
Changing the world, one student at a time. NPH helps girls stay in school. When girls stay in school, life improves for everyone. Your support impacts youths in our NPH communities to help them receive higher education and break the cycle of poverty.


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Godparents Needed

Love Makes You Feel Stronger
Nov. 8
The many forms of love to a teenager.
'Every Experience Makes Me Want to Be A Doctor More.'
Sep. 7
Jackelin is a 23-year-old medical student.
“Education is the foundation to achieve changes in our lives!”
Jul. 3
Jesús, an 18-year-old university student, reflects about how being member of the NPH family has an impact on his life, his studies and his future.
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Our Impact in 2017

  3,159 supported children
  112 new arrivals
  43 university graduates
  185 high school graduates
  94 full time volunteers
  324 Holy Sacraments
  143,270 services provided through community programs


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