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Inside – Outside - Start from the Top of the Teeth
May 7
Nilab and Lynn, a dental hygienist and a dentist from the Netherlands, talk about their recent trip to NPH Bolivia.
Let's Go to the Movies! A Treat for Our Star Students.
Mar. 5
The two top students from each grade spend a fun-filled afternoon together.
Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Kids
Jan. 17
The nurse of NPH Bolivia shares the important role that nutrition plays in the home.
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Aurora and her Goddaughter
Aurora talks about her life, growing up at NPH Mexico and being a godmother to a child at NPH. Transform a child's life and your own and become a godparent today.


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Godparents Needed

Faith Is The Base For Everything
Apr. 2
19-year-old Abril* talks about the importance of faith in her life.
"I Take Care of My Younger Brother"
Apr. 2
Keeping brothers and sisters together is one of the main goals of NPH.
Hope is Something You Can’t Touch
Nov. 21
Roberto is one of the first kids who arrived at NPH Bolivia.
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Our Impact in 2017

  3,159 supported children
  112 new arrivals
  43 university graduates
  185 high school graduates
  94 full time volunteers
  324 Holy Sacraments
  143,270 services provided through community programs


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