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Jun. 4
Crops, Cows, and the Children's Garden: The Agriculture Program of NPH Bolivia
With such a varying climate, the agriculture program of NPH Bolivia needs to be flexible with how it plants and harvests its crops, while also maximizing the learning opportunities of the children.
Nov. 6
Our Voices: Marisabel from NPH Bolivia
Despite the uncertain times during the pandemic, Marisabel feels comfort knowing she has her godparents in her life.
Nov. 6
Patricia Rueda Becomes New National Director of NPH Bolivia
Having previously led the Human Resources Department at our Casa Padre Wasson home, Patricia Rueda has now been appointed National Director of NPH Bolivia.
Oct. 8
Our Voices: Mayra from NPH Bolivia
Even though *Mayra is concerned about her family and friends during this pandemic, she knows that she can put her faith in God.
May 25
A Tour of the NPH Bolivia Home
The National Director of NPH Bolivia, Tom Kuiper, takes you on a tour of the Casa Padre Wasson home.
May 21
Bolivia: Episode 2 of the NPH Open Home
Watch episode 2 of NPH's Open Home series, featuring NPH Bolivia National Director Tom Kuiper and moderator Griffin Jones, a former volunteer at Casa Padre Wasson.
Apr. 30
What NPH Bolivia Needs To Make It Through COVID-19
Ever increasing prices for essentials like disposable gloves and flour have put a strain on the monthly budget and routine activities that keep NPH Bolivia running smoothly and protected from the COVID-19 virus.
Mar. 26
NPH Bolivia: Staying Busy During Quarantine
With free time owing to a 14-day nationally mandated quarantine, our children find creative and fun ways to keep busy.

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