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Climbing Higher

Many children set high goals for themselves. Marcos, our best climber, reaches his highest targets!
June 13, 2017 - Bolivia

Marcos climbing higher

Marcos* came to live at NPH Bolivia with his two younger brothers, Mauricio* and Margarito* four years ago.

He is 10 years old, loves to eat fish from our ponds, enjoys learning about lions (after all, they are the kings of the jungle!), and like the majority of youth from South America, he wants to become a soccer star. His Plan B is to become an architect. He is good in math and from his point of view, that is the making of a good architect.

Last week, Marcos changed from the NPH home for the younger kids to the older youth's home. This is a big change and not easy for every child. In his last house he was the oldest and strongest, now he is the youngest and smallest. For sure he will keep his former relationships, but as the newest member in the older youth's home, he will be making relationships with new friends, learning and growing.

Just a few days after the change, he already feels fine and is happy. He enjoys his free time and the freedom that comes with growing older. He likes to play soccer and feels that he is working toward his dream. He also likes to plant vegetables as he loves fresh vegetables and fruits.

But mostly, he likes to climb trees. And he is such a good climber that even the sweetest mangos in the highest trees can’t escape his reach.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Martin Bliem   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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