Faith Is The Base For Everything

19-year-old Abril* talks about the importance of faith in her life.
April 2, 2018 - Bolivia

"Jesus accompanies me all my life."

Nine years ago, Abril* and her three siblings moved to NPH Bolivia. Today, the 19-year-old girl and her younger sister are still living at NPH Bolivia, while her two older sisters have already left NPH.

Abril* has believed in God for all of her life. She was raised as a Christian, but through NPH, she now has more confidence in herself and in others. This smart girl defines faith as hope and trust. Without these two things, you could not exist, she explains.

For her, faith is the base for everything. How could you get married, for example, if you do not have faith? According to Abril, you have to have trust and belief to start a family.

Family is important for Abril. Being a family - the love between family members, taking care of each other, and being happy together - is what she likes most about being at NPH, as well as the beautiful nature that surrounds the home.

Acting as an active Christian is part of her daily life. Before and after every meal, she and her NPH brothers and sisters pray, and on the weekends, they go to mass. Her eyes shine with joy as she describes the church, the altar and how the priests position themselves in the front. Her favorite part of the mass are the readings of the bible. She enjoys when everybody is singing together. She likes to observe the content faces of the older people while singing, and seeing how even the youngest participate. In her opinion, especially the older youths find joy and peace in mass.

As an active Christian, she talks with the younger children about God, the importance of faith, and of how you need God in your life. Because how could you have faith in others if you do not have faith in yourself? "To have faith in yourself, you have to have faith in God first," she explains.

Soon Easter is coming. The Holy week is a time here in Bolivia to reflect. No loud music is played, no films are watched. Holy week is a quiet, calm one - unusual for the normally loud and boisterous home.

On Easter Sunday, children look for hidden eggs in the morning. In the afternoon, there is mass. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Easter shows Abril to have more confidence. "It is a time to be thankful that Jesus came back and showed us how to have more confidence in ourselves."

*Name(s) changed to protect privacy.

Carina Eckl   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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