Jesus: A Young Leader

Learning about "Who Am I", with other NPH youth.
February 26, 2019 - Bolivia

2018 Youth Conference participants attend a workshop regarding their identity, ¨Who Am I?¨

Jesus wrote in his application to NPH that he ¨desperately needed to know and experience new points of view.¨ Because of this, he was absolutely ecstatic when chosen to attend the 2018 NPHI Youth Development Conference. He wanted to get everything out of the week that it had to offer.

While at NPH El Salvador, Jesus said he would best describe his time as ¨full.¨ There was never a moment of rest. They did everything from workshops and team-bonding activities, to prayers and reflections, to sports games and hiking excursions, to community service.

The theme of the conference was ¨Who Am I?¨ Therefore, throughout the week the participants were tasked with answering this question in different ways and from different viewpoints. They thought about who they were as a person, as a community member, as a brother or sister, and as a leader.

According to Avriel Burlot, leader of the NPHI Youth Development Conference, answering this question was absolutely crucial for the participants to truly find themselves and return to their homes as confident, capable and responsible leaders. The hope and goal, of course, is that those who attend the conference then spread what they have learned to the others in their home who could not attend.

Jesus says that his favorite part was when the team hiked up a very large and difficult mountain in order to reflect at the top of it. During this reflection, they discussed the theme of hard work, how it pays off, and how we can only enjoy its benefits after putting in the effort.

At the end of the conference, Jesus said he felt ¨rejuvenated with new information. Information about myself and about NPH. I felt motivated to take action and really lead upon my return to NPH Bolivia.¨

It has now been almost year since this conference took place, and it is safe to say that Jesus is still living out the values that he learned at the 2018 NPHI Youth Development Conference. Jesus continues to lead ¨Semillitas,¨ a youth development program at NPH Bolivia for children 8 to 12 years old. Jesus also leads by example, attending Gabriel Rene Moreno University and studying mechanical engineering. His ultimate goal is to graduate, attain a sustainable career, and give back to his environment in the best way that he can.

Whether he is living at NPH or at his university, his values are unwavering. Jesus is currently in the process of running for his university's student body government so that his voice and his beliefs can be heard.

NPH Bolivia is incredibly proud to have someone like Jesus lead our younger children, being an older brother to four younger siblings still living in our home, and remembers the values that NPH has taught him as he grows up and enters into adulthood.

Katie Johnson   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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