An NPH Love Story

How former NPH children from countries across the continent both returned to work for NPH, and found each other in the process.
March 5, 2018 - Bolivia

Vilma and Doroteo.

NPH, with homes and offices spanning from the Americas to Europe and beyond, truly is a global family. For Vilma, this took on a special meaning when she met Doroteo from Mexico.

Currently 27 years old, Vilma started to work as a ‘tía,’ or caregiver, at NPH Bolivia this year. This was a beautiful beginning, because she was given the opportunity to take a leadership role and care for the younger children in the same home that she lived in as a teenager, in the same family that she is still a part of today.

When NPH opened its doors in 2011, Vilma, then fifteen, became a part of the NPH family. Prior to this, she lived in a home for children that only took care of youth up to the age of fifteen. As NPH also assures a quality education for the youth while providing a nourishing community and special family care, Vilma was happy for the change. This way, she could finish school while living with the NPH family, and also would have the chance to study.

To foster a sense of responsibility and support the home, NPH youth do a year of service – working in the home for a year in an area such as childcare, agriculture, administration, or others that suit their professional goals – if they move on to university. In those days, Vilma served for two years. One year, she took care of the babies, and another year, she worked in the kitchen preparing breakfast and also took care of the younger girls between 6 and 11 years old.

After her years of service, she moved to Santa Cruz to study public accounting. In that time, she met Doroteo, who grew up at NPH Mexico. On the weekends, she used to go back to the children’s home with a 'trufi', the public transport in Bolivia.

Without knowing that Doroteo had already started to work as a caregiver at NPH Bolivia, they met on the trufi for the first time. Together they got off at the NPH Bolivia stop, and their lives changed. Since then, they have shared the same path of life. Three years ago they welcomed another little member to their family, their sweet daughter Jennifer.

“NPH means everything to me. It is my family and the support of my life. It gives me the power to keep on going.” – Vilma.

Martin Bliem   
Communication Officer




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