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How international and local support makes NPH a leading non-profit.
May 4, 2018 - Bolivia

A happy girl recieving a gift from her international godparent.

NPH Bolivia’s new National Director, Tom Kuiper, has finished his first half year at NPH Bolivia. While transitions can be difficult, his has gone smoothly thanks to a wide range of support, both internationally and locally. He is thankful that he was welcomed with open arms, and feels “if I need anything, the next help is just a message away. I feel a lot of support locally and worldwide.”

Now six month’s in to his new job, Tom is sure that NPH Bolivia would not be the same without international support. “Without international support, we would not exist at all. Without the philosophy of Father Wasson, we would be a common organization that provides childcare in Bolivia with no sense of family.”

In Bolivia, we are really grateful about all the support we receive from NPH extended family in fundraising offices worldwide. And these offices support us in more ways than just money. Especially in finding new godparents for our children and ensuring the continuous contact with them. “Godparents are a big moral support for our children. It makes a big difference to have a person abroad who cares for them.”

Other offices are very involved in financing the construction at our home. One example is Friends of the Orphans Canada, who helped ensure the construction of our visitors’ and volunteers’ houses. The national director appreciates how he is “always amazed by the work of the offices worldwide. How much passion they have. They are so important for us. I encourage them and every other supporter to visit NPH Bolivia to see what they are accomplishing.” A further really important support for us is our local team.

“Without local staff, we would have to close the home.” He continues, “They support us in everything. They create the atmosphere. They are always with the children. They do way more than it is written in their contract. They really feel NPH as their second family.”

Through our local stuff, we are also represented in the local communities. The staff spreads the word. They are open to help at job vacancies, give local knowledge and keep us growing.

The National Director concludes: “Thanks to our involved staff and international support, we are a showcase for other childcare organizations and orphanages in Bolivia, which we would not be without them.”

Carina Eckl   
Communication Officer




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