Health and Nutrition Paying off

Maya* speaks about the improvements in nutrition this past year.
January 12, 2017 - Bolivia

Maya is growing tall and strong!

“Because of our parent’s work schedule, my siblings and I were often left locked up in our family’s house. That was for our own safety; we lived in the city and it can be dangerous for young children. We always had something to eat, but rarely vegetables,” Maya* began.

The children at Casa Padre Wasson in Bolivia are well fed and more energetic this year thanks to improvements in the home's food quality. Thanks to changes in the home’s food purchasing procedures, we now get all of our food at the market, where it is cheaper and where we can buy in greater quantities.

One of our girls, Maya, had food when she lived with her family, but the quality and healthiness of it was sometimes lacking, as well as the quantity.

“I’ve now had to get used to having snack time; I never had that before,” she mentioned. “My favorite foods are the typical foods we have around here like fried yucca, soup, and others. But since I’ve been here I’ve discovered new foods that I like such as fish, cereal and yogurt, and all kinds of fruits. It seems like there is always something new, but it wasn’t like that when I lived with my siblings in the city. Here we have enough food and we can do things like climb trees.”

Compared to other local rural communities, our children now eat rather nutritiously. This improvement in our children's diet has been noted in the growth and development of the children, especially in their mental and academic performance at school.

“Sometimes I help the cooks in the kitchen as a way to give back,” Maya continued. “I learned how to cook with my aunt, and I like seeing where the food comes from and how it is prepared.”

“I’ve grown a lot since I arrived,” she said. “I arrived very small, and now I’m a little chubby. This goes for the other girls in my house, but we’re happy and thankful to feel so full!”

*Name changed for privacy.

Karl Groneman   
Communication Officer




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