Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Kids

The nurse of NPH Bolivia shares the important role that nutrition plays in the home.
January 17, 2018 - Bolivia

Nurse Marcos in the interview.

I sat down with Marcos, the nurse who oversees healthcare in the home of NPH Bolivia and also supports in the area of children's nutrition.

How important is healthy nutrition for the kids?

It is important because it affects our children's physical and mental development. Most new children arrive malnourished with anemia. Because of nutritious food here they quickly improve, and start to show signs of improvement. This also helps their defense system, and they don't get sick as frequently anymore.

How do you make sure the children receive a healthy diet? We check which fruits, vegetables and meat we offer every day, so that the kids receive sufficient proteins and vitamins. Then we try to maintain those diets so they receive fruits, vegetables and meat - either beef, fish or chicken - every day.

What are the main challenges for NPH in regards to providing healthy diets for the children?

The great challenge is always the economical aspect. We buy the quantity and the best possible quality of food that is within our financial means.

How does NPH guarantee the quality of the diet?

Our own staff buys groceries at the local markets. We focus on the quantity as well as on the quality of the food. We always check that the food for our children is prepared healthily. We control the hygiene of the food from the arrival, through the preparation, until it ends on the children's plates.

Are there educational programs for the children to help them learn how to eat healthy?

We are constantly educating our children with workshops on what and where they should eat. They do not only eat at NPH, they also eat at school or in the city. There they have a lot of options for junk food. We try to teach them how to discern the quality and nutritious value of food. This is so important for their health, body and mind. And we are constantly providing workshops with those who cook the food too. We counsel our cooks on how to prepare meat, vegetables and fruits to ensure sanitation measures are met, and also help with hygiene control in the kitchen.

Martin Bliem   
Communication Officer




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