Let's Go to the Movies! A Treat for Our Star Students.

The two top students from each grade spend a fun-filled afternoon together.
March 5, 2018 - Bolivia

Rebeca* knows the "secret" how to be a good student.

This year, we invited the top two students from each grade at NPH Bolivia to the town of Santa Cruz to go to the cinema, have fun at a game center and enjoy a special dinner.

Manrique*, who received the best grades in the fourth grade, proudly shares that this year was his third time participating in the reward day for academic excellence.

More than 20 students from first and secondary school went to Santa Cruz. For many of them, it was the first time they visited the capital of their department. In Santa Cruz, we met with the best university students, who live in the city while they are studying.

A difficult decision had to be made at the movies. What should we watch? The happy students formed groups, armed with popcorn and soft drinks, and walked in the various theatres to enjoy their movies.

Rebeca,* the best student at fourth grade in primary school, noted, "This was my favorite moment of the day. I loved the movie because it was so funny, and we had popcorn, too." Marina,* in sixth grade at the primary school, agreed with Rebecca. Marina loved that the movie was funny and also mysterious.

After the movies, they played different games in a playing hall. Both the older children and the youngsters all had a great time. While many preferred the movies, the game center was the best part of the day for Melania,* the top student this past year from first grade. Fabiana,* the best student in third grade at the secondary school, was simply happy to spend free time with her sisters. The five sisters are all supported by NPH Bolivia, three of them study in Santa Cruz, explaining why Fabiana does not see them so often. These sisters were a few of the first children who joined NPH Bolivia in 2005. Anielka,* the middle sister, studies economics. She hopes to apply for an NPH scholarship to go to the United States. There, she wants to improve her English. This smart student knows that with better knowledge of other languages, she will have more success in her future.

After a big dinner, we returned back home. It was a beautiful afternoon for the children and youngsters, who received a small gift for their fantastic effort at school. As Rebeca* said, "It is not hard to be the best student, you just have to listen carefully to the teacher, ask if you do not understand and do your homework." True words from a smart little girl.

* Names changed for privacy reasons.

Carina Eckl   
Communication Officer




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