Top Highlights of 2017

Reflecting on the activities and accomplishments of the past year.
January 1, 2018 - Bolivia

Winter Vacation

Winter Vacation Our children enjoyed their two weeks of winter vacation with wonderful, sunny weather. But there was little time to rest, as each child was part of a team that represented a Bolivian province and they participated in competitive activities such as building traditional cottages, performing choreographed dances, cooking typical food, singing songs and playing games like soccer, volleyball and basketball. At the end of the holidays, all the children, employees and volunteers visited the zoo in Santa Cruz.

Baptisms On May 14th, eight of our children were baptized. In a beautiful ceremony, caregivers and also some older youths accompanied the children as Godparents, to the altar where they received their holy sacraments.

Mother's Day On May 27th, we celebrated Mother´s Day in Bolivia. This is a very special event where we share gratitude with all mothers for their effort and dedication to our family. The children and youth presented dance performances, a special meal was served, and little gifts are delivered.

Family Project This year, two volunteers started The Family Project in NPH Bolivia to strengthen sibling relationships. Together with two smaller families, they go to the market, cook and eat together at a nicely set table.

Excursion to the River All children spent a day at the river, on a trip that was organized by one of the volunteers. After swimming in the water, discovering the nature around the river and playing in the sand, they grilled sausages and bananas and drank hot chocolate.

Anniversary of Fr. Wasson On August 16th, we celebrate Padre Wasson’s eleventh anniversary of eternal life. All day long we played in special games and shared gifts with the children. For lunch, we enjoyed a delicious barbecue and in the evening, we celebrated a special mass to commemorate Fr. Wasson and his accomplishments that still help hundreds of children, youth and families in Latin America.

Halloween All NPH Bolivia children seem to love Halloween. They get sweets and can dress up like monsters and zombies. This year some of our youth organized funny games and a party that lasted until late in the night.

Martin Bliem   
Communication Officer




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