An Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

Longtime NPH priest Father Reynaldo Galindo joins NPH Bolivia with plans to bring additional energy to faith programs in the home and surrounding communities.
April 9, 2019 - Bolivia

The local congregation of the nearby town of San Ignacio attends a mass celebrated by Father Reynaldo Galindo.

Being the newest home of the NPH family, NPH Bolivia possesses great potential for growth. And with the recent arrival of Father Reynaldo Galindo, we have an exciting opportunity to develop our faith and community outreach programs.

With 15 years of NPH experience, Father Reynaldo understands how impactful our homes can be on the surrounding community and the effect that our children have on people.

“My life and vision have been broadened thanks to my experience with these kids and communities,” he says. “I would miss something in my life if I had never worked with NPH.”

After two and half years working at NPH Guatemala, Father Reynaldo saw an opportunity at NPH Bolivia to contribute to the religious formation of the home and the surrounding community.

Twice a month, our new religious leader will celebrate mass in the nearby towns of San Ignacio and Portachuelo. During Lent, he will be available for confession. He will also participate in burials and other sacraments, like baptism, whenever the need presents itself.

Through his work and experience with the surrounding towns, one area of faith that he feels can improve the most is the liturgy of mass and how active individuals are.

“I want to motivate people to be more involved in church life and to have a more Christian way of living,” Father Reynaldo explains. “I was here in Bolivia three years ago and still not much has changed in terms of their motivation and participation.”

Since he has been in Bolivia just a short time, Father Reynaldo understands that he can´t expect to see quick changes in the community, but he wants to start to form a good base that can continue to grow once he leaves.

“I have to accept that things don´t work because I want them to,” he says. “The best I can do is offer physical and relational spaces to have an encounter with God and the rest I leave in His hands.”

Father Reynaldo believes that one of those physical spaces he can offer is a new community outreach program that he wants to start. He is hoping to motivate our children to start visiting elderly individuals in San Ignacio and wants the children to clean the individual’s home, bring them food, and spend quality time with them.

Through these opportunities, Father Reynaldo hopes our children start to foster a stronger faith and experience the feeling of unconditional love. He understands why our children come to our homes and believes that the faith care model of NPH gives them the chance to search for God and have an encounter with Him.

“They can sense through faith that no matter how miserable they feel, they are still loved unconditionally by God,” he finishes. “It opens their heart to a totally new dimension of love and, regardless of their past, they are truly precious.”

Brad Bobel   
Communication Officer




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