Our Voices: Marisabel from NPH Bolivia

Despite the uncertain times during the pandemic, Marisabel feels comfort knowing she has her godparents in her life.
November 6, 2020 - Bolivia

*Marisabel with the letter that she wrote.

Hello World!!

My name is Marisabel, I am 19-years-old and I live in house Mariana, the house for the oldest girls. oldest girls house.

It’s been a strange year, and I don’t know how to start my thoughts about COVID-19, because I have so many! Starting in 2020, I was in school, while also doing my year-of-service. At the beginning of March, the teachers told all of the students that classes are suspended until further notice. The President of Bolivia also announced the suspension of classes throughout the country, and she recently announced that all students will pass this current year.

Coronavirus also affected all the workers and the companies. I noticed it when the NPH Bolivia staff had to work at home. For almost six months, we have been quarantined and throughout Bolivia as well. In the department of Santa Cruz, we have some of the highest amount of cases. When I think about coronavirus I am more concerned about the caregivers who care for my siblings here. If one caregiver enters with COVID-19 and infects us and we have cases inside the home, then NPH would need to spend a lot of money just on healthcare. There are times when I am anxious to learn what I want to study and I think that I am lazy, but then I do activities that reassure me.

I hope that in the future, the cases will decrease and I can continue with my studies. Well, with COVID-19, I am learning what I want. I am doing it of my own accord, not because it is an obligation, but because it is important to know, so that I can see what I am capable of for the future.

I arrived at the home on the 17th or 18th of September 2014. Before I came to NPH, I was at a different home that was purely for girls. A day before the director arrived, the social worker visited me, but I didn’t speak much because I was shy. The next day I was nervous. I was picked up by the social worker with another family, three boys and a girl. We went straight to the clinic where we were cared for by a volunteer and a girl in her year-of-service. For two weeks we stayed in the clinic and received tests and vaccinations.

Before I entered the first home of girls, I was adopted by a family, but then my adoptive mother signed some papers handing me over to the state until I turn 18. The change of homes was to be farther away from my mother. At first, I thought I would leave NPH when I turned 18-years-old, but the reason I have decided to stay is because of my new brothers and sisters here at the home. I really relate to the girls of my house and they accept me despite my flaws. I have a new caregiver now and the change has been nice. There is a feeling of everyone helping each other and coming together for work and to share some food. We don’t get to do that often because many of the girls are doing their year-of-service and are busy, but I hope it improves in the future.

First of all, I want to tell you it is a blessing to have godparents in my life. For me, a godparent is a person who listens to me and gives me advice. It is a person that I can count on without exception. The godparents devote their time to us and accept us as their godchildren without even knowing us and in return we receive unconditional love. They write letters to us, asking us how we are and they also give money without knowing us and for all these reasons it is a blessing to have our godparents. I have known my godparent for a year and seven months.

A godparent who has impacted me a lot, was an American volunteer. I always told him that he would be my “Godfather” in English. When the news came that all the volunteers had to leave all of a sudden, it was very sad to say goodbye to all of them [due to a political crisis]. At the beginning of December, I found out that I have a new godparent from America and I was so happy when I found out it was the volunteer that I kept calling “Godfather”. That is what has impacted me and I don’t know how to thank you for your support. I did not expect it and for me it is a blessing.

Thank you for sharing your time and for giving us support. Thank you to all of the donors who continue to collaborate with us. Without your support, I do not know what we would do for our education, health, food, and care among other things. Thank you to all the sponsors and donors of NPH. Also thank you to Father Wasson.

I say goodbye wishing you all good luck and “good vibes”.



Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the child.

Marisabel hopes to graduate from high school in November 2021. She would like to be an English teacher or a doctor in the future.

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